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Settling a temp into your organisation

To help ensure that your new team member is at their most productive in the shortest possible time you may like to take the following points into consideration.

  • Before the temp arrives ensure an organised work area is provided. Having a desk ready and basic stationary or specialised equipment (e.g. a dictaphone) will allow the person to sit down and start work immediately.
  • Most temps on assignment will use or need access to a computer workstation. To allow them to be productive in the shortest possible time, have passwords, email addresses and access codes set up in advance.
  • Appoint someone to meet with the temp upon their arrival. Arrange a short tour of the office to familiarise the person with the layout. Include the location of stationery, toilets, kitchen facilities and car parking.
  • Explain your office procedures for taking coffee, cigarette breaks and lunch etc. It is also helpful to mention cafes and shops in the immediate area.
  • Consider (in advance) who the temp will refer questions to during the settling in period. Does that person need to be given any special instructions?
  • For longer assignments, you may consider providing an office key, swipe card or alarm code if appropriate or necessary.
  • Introduce the temp to other key staff members they will be in contact with, including their immediate superior.
  • Explain the use of the telephone system and the extension number of where the person is sitting.
  • Before starting work, advise the temp of your expectations regarding duties, responsibilities and personal conduct. A brief overview of the organisational structure will help them understand their role in the "bigger picture" of the company.
  • Have some work organised for the temp to start straight away - a sense of completing tasks will help them settle in more quickly.
  • We advise all of our temps that they are not to access the internet for any reason without the permission of their supervisor. Similarly, mobile phone calls are not to be taken during work hours unless it is an emergency situation. We suggest that you make them aware of your internet access policy upon commencement.