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5 Things Every Job Seeker Should Know (Before Applying To A Recruiter)

1. We will most likely look at your social media profile

social media to assist in recruitment is at an all-time high. It’s not only recruiters that are using your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles to find out more about you, employers are doing this too.

  • Have you considered how your past online activity could be viewed by potential employers?
  • Do you know what images, posts and comments are publically available?
  • Have you Googled yourself recently?

Whilst employers should be mindful that relying on social media for recruitment can expose them to discrimination and privacy laws, they are allowed to view publically accessible information to help decide if a candidate would make a good cultural fit for their organisation.

2. Interview no-shows can affect your chances of winning future jobs

Being a no-show or having a poor excuse for not showing up to your interview with your recruiter can crush your chances of winning future roles and is a source of frustration for recruiters. Whilst legitimate excuses are absolutely fine, we receive many excuses that are not. Not attending your interview demonstrates your unreliability and indicates that you may not be relied upon to show up for future interviews, let alone be at work on time. We recommend thinking twice before not attending an interview without letting your recruiter know in advance.

3. Not all jobs are advertised

As a recruiter, many of our jobs are filled via networking and database searches, even before a role has been advertised. Therefore it really pays to register with us as soon as you’re ready to start your job hunt. If you are registered with us and we have a job that suits your skills and experience, you may get a call without even applying for the role. We also recommend following our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles for up to date job posts and news.

4. A job interview may be just around the corner

Be prepared that you may need to attend an interview sooner than you think. Recruitment timeframes vary wildly from employer to employer, so smarten your wardrobe if it’s needed and get a haircut if it’s looking neglected. Whilst most job searches take a while, sometimes job offers can result from the very first interview, if you make a good impression.

5. Be prepared to answer questions about salary

Whilst it’s unlikely you’ll be asked about salary in the first interview with an employer, a first meet or phone call with a recruiter will likely include a discussion about your salary expectations. So it pays to be prepared to answer questions about salary early on. We highly recommend that job seekers do some salary research and consider what their salary expectations are before applying for jobs.

Many candidates aren’t aware that good preparation before starting their job hunt will help them achieve a better result. We hope these top 5 job tips will help you reach that next step in your c