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How to tell if a Vaccination Certificate is Genuine

With the recent border opening and constantly changing COVID situation, employers are having to review their policies around COVID management on a regular basis. The recent online availability of fake vaccination certifications has thrown businesses another curveball to manage.

What can businesses do to protect themselves?

Our advice is to know what a vaccination certificate looks like so you can judge if an employee, customer or supplier is showing you genuine proof. There are two main types of proof that are used and a few things to look out for when verifying the legitimacy of someone’s certificate.

The Services Australia website is the best place to find information about vaccination verification and it’s super clear and simple to understand.

Australian Immunization History Statement
Figure: Immunization History Statement
The COVID-19 Digital Certificate
Figure: The COVID-19 Digital Certificate

We check the legitimacy of all candidate vaccine certificates before sending them to clients. So, when a client requests proof of vaccination, they can rest assured knowing it has been verified.

If you require any further information about the vaccination status of Edge staff, temp staff or job candidates, please let us know.