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Where is your next hire coming from?

Nationwide, applications per job ad have steadily dropped over the last 2 years, leaving employers having to think of alternate ways to attract candidates. In this ongoing tight candidate market, what is your strategy around recruitment?

Smart employers are putting in place different strategies to find people and are not just relying on putting an ad up and hoping and praying that a quality applicant will apply.

Jane Carey provides her number one piece of advice for employers looking to recruit in this tough candidate market.

As a recruitment agency, we have been doing this for a long time and use multiple sourcing channels. We deep dive into our database which has years of history relating to candidates that have inquired or applied for past roles. We then look at talent pooling who is actually on the jobs market, how many people are employed in a particular sector and what the likelihood is that someone is looking to move.

If your approach is to add your vacancy to a job board and pray for someone to apply, I hate to disappoint you, but it may not work.

Jane’s top tip

  • Look beyond the job boards
    Posting your position on job boards like SEEK and hoping for the best is no longer a sure-fire strategy to find candidates. Expand your candidate sourcing channels to include using your networks and contacts and consider using LinkedIn jobs and other social media channels to advertise your job.

If you’re looking for some specialised help and advice, we would love the opportunity to talk to you.