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State election employment slowdown?

Historically we have seen a slowdown in the employment market leading into a state election, led by employers who would take a 'wait and see' approach. However, the last election did not deliver any significant slowing of the jobs market, generally, things remained the same.

Both major parties are making big promises in terms of spending to generate economic activity that could have a positive flow on to jobs. This, combined with the ongoing candidate-short market that we’re experiencing should deliver no interruption to the jobs market this election cycle.

Employers Australia-wide in most industries have many key roles that are vacant and are still struggling to fill. With the December quarter showing the lowest unemployment rates in South Australia since 1978 at 3.9%, local job seekers are in a great position to find fulfilling employment.

So, what’s the takeaway for job seekers?

Job seekers won’t see any uncertainty from employers looking to hire during and after the election in South Australia. Candidates are getting snapped up quickly and they can expect to see employers continuing to offer bigger and better benefits to attract quality people.