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Why commercial property management is a great career choice

Commercial property management is one the most highly rated careers in the property industry when it comes to job satisfaction scoring a 5/5, according to SEEK. With projected job growth of 9.7% in the next 5 years, an average salary of $70k in South Australia and 1079 job opportunities on SEEK Australia wide, it’s easy to see why this career choice has a lot to offer.

To delve a bit deeper and go beyond the statistics we spoke with long-serving property industry professional April Lee, Asset Manager with Commercial SA for her views on commercial property management as a career. April has been in the property industry for the past 23 years, starting out in residential property and transitioning to the commercial property sector in 2007.

‘I enjoy the challenge and intellectual stimulation that comes with negotiation and when I can solve a problem and achieve a positive result for all parties involved, that gives me a great deal of satisfaction. If you’re someone who enjoys problem-solving and negotiating, then commercial property management will be a great career choice.

— April Lee, Asset Manager, Commercial SA


A commercial property manager is responsible for the management of leased or owned properties including land, buildings and building equipment. A typical day in the life of a commercial property manager can consist of inspections, lease administration, financial management and reporting, marketing properties, arranging repairs and maintenance, following up rent arrears, resolving disputes and business development tasks. The type of properties managed can vary, from small office buildings to large multi-story buildings and industrial buildings and estates.

Salary and job opportunities

Commercial property managers have the potential for good earnings in South Australia with the typical annual salary ranging between $65k and $75k.

There are excellent projected job growth figures of 9.7% for commercial property managers in the coming 5 years, showing there will be plenty of demand for these skills going forward.

There are currently 31 commercial property management jobs advertised on SEEK in South Australia and 1079 jobs advertised Australia wide, indicating excellent prospects for those thinking about entering this part of the property industry.

How to become a commercial property manager?

Commercial property managers working for agencies operating in South Australia are required to have their property management registration through Consumer and Business Affairs. The only commercial property managers that are exempt from this rule are those that work for property owners or in local or state government.

In years past, commercial property managers would not be hired unless they had completed a Bachelor of Business in Property. These days, employers still highly regard this qualification, but are less stringent and no longer list it as essential criteria.

In South Australia, we see that commercial property managers enter the industry at all stages of their career timeline from school graduates to late-stage career transitions and come from a wide variety of areas, such as residential property management, procurement, asset management and maintenance.

If you’re looking at career options in the property industry, commercial property management is an appealing choice, showing high levels of job satisfaction, great job prospects and growth and good salary potential.

Source: Statistics included sourced from SEEK